Our app Essential Risk Management for Confluence app guides you through the complete Risk Management workflow in five essential steps. At each step, you get prefilled documents, with place holders and many in-text hints how to fill out. Each step results in a document, where you can change, add or remove sections at your needs.

The app supports you creating a Risk Management Strategy, Risk Identification Tree, Risk Analysis and Mitigation documents, and an automatically populated Risk report.

All documents are

  • accessible for everybody in your team (restrictions are possible)
  • multi-user editable in a web browser, and, with limitations, on mobile devices
  • versioned with Confluence-generated change history – very helpful as evidence of a living process for quality audits
  • printable (pdf) or exportable to Microsoft Word
  • scalable in structure – scope of the risk strategies and assessments adjustable to the needs of your organization.

We designed our App Essential Risk Management with the goal to always show the big picture, so you always know where in the process you are, and what steps lie ahead. We strongly believe that if you see the purpose of the overall whole, you are empowered to decide how you can adapt it to fit to your project in the best possible way. We recommend to start your risk management initially following the strong guidance of the templates coming with the app, and once experienced, adjust the templates to your needs.


  • Access to Atlassian Confluence Cloud, the cloud based team collaboration platform. There are free evaluation licenses available.
  • Permission to install apps at your confluence site
  • A modern web browser (IE11 or Edge, Chrome 49+, Firefox 52+, Safari 9+)
  • Optional: download the Confluence app for mobile devices.

Installation instructions are here. And we have a video tutorial for beginner on YouTube (7:30 min).